On February 5, 2010 By

You fix things all the time.
You can fix this.
You just need to know what is broken.

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Jon Clinkenbeard’s Politics

On August 26, 2009 By

I love oil. I use it in my car to make it go.
I go to work every day with oil because I am an American.
I bet some of you use oil in your cars too. We are alike, you and I

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Ronald’s Night

On July 30, 2009 By

Ronald jerked awake.
Someone was at the door.

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The Birds, Starring Rob Zombie

On April 13, 2009 By

So they get to Cairo and everything seems real chillax, until they see this big swarm of birds in the sky like a thundercloud, and the laser gun jams and the birds swoop down like they’re going to attack, but then instead, they form up into one giant werewolf-bird, who swipes at them with his claws, which are made of bird beaks.

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